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Coordinated Re-entry Plan

Virginia legislation establishes rules and regulations for reenrolling children in public schools after release from the Department of Juvenile Justice. The legislation establishes a re-enrollment coordinator in each school district to oversee re-enrollment, requires preliminary transition team planning for each youth while still in placement, and mandates final re-enrollment planning that must be completed prior to release.

Yvonne B. Miller High School Post-Secondary Education Program

The high school, housed within the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice offers a number of programs in post-secondary education for students who have completed their high school diploma or high school equivalency criteria. After completing the requirements for a high school diploma or high school equivalency, students are able to continue learning in post-graduate classes. These post-graduate education opportunities include classes in barbering, quilting, dog handling, fiber optics, culinary arts, national retails, and financial literacy. 

Procedures for the Re-Enrollment of Youth Released from the Custody of Department of Juvenile Justice and Returned to Public Schools, Department of Juvenile Justice, Division of Education

Upon commitment to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, the juvenile’s school record is forwarded to the DJJ. Students are then enrolled in the grade, content course, or program in accordance with their prior enrollment in their home school. Upon their release, each youth is provided with a reenrollment plan which includes the student’s educational status and recommendation of the department of correctional education as well as educational and reentry goals for the student which take into account their IEP.

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