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Procedures for the Re-Enrollment of Youth Released from the Custody of Department of Juvenile Justice and Returned to Public Schools, Department of Juvenile Justice, Division of Education

Upon commitment to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, the juvenile’s school record is forwarded to the DJJ. Students are then enrolled in the grade, content course, or program in accordance with their prior enrollment in their home school. Upon their release, each youth is provided with a reenrollment plan which includes the student’s educational status and recommendation of the department of correctional education as well as educational and reentry goals for the student which take into account their IEP. Each re-enrollment plan will include the student’s educational status prior to commitment, their education and transition goals, as well as recommendations made by the Department of Correctional Education while the student was in their care. The plan also includes student supports which may be necessary for their successful reentry to public school such as counseling services, anticipated dates and timelines for scheduled release to the receiving school division as well as the establishment of a school placement upon release. The transition team is required to prepare and assemble all documents and scholastic records that support the development of the reenrollment plan; this is forwarded at least 25 days prior to the pending release of the student to the school division reenrollment coordinator.

Education services within detention homes are provided on an eleven-month cycle, including summer enrichment services prior and following the traditional school year. All modifications to a student’s existing IEP are conveyed via phone or in person to the student’s parents. Proposed changes are discussed with the parent so that the parent can decide which option they prefer. Parents are then provided with written notification of the special education program and related services that are to be provided during the student’s detainment.

An example of a program is the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center, licensed by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. The teachers in the program are employees of Alexandria City Schools. In addition, all teachers are licensed and endorsed in their subject area by the Commonwealth of Virginia.