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Goal 5: Quality Education in Facilities


Goal 6: Supportive School Environments

Goal 7: Career Pathways


Goal 8: Post-Secondary Access


Ohio (Buckeye United School District)

Goal 9: Smooth Transitions


Ohio (Cincinnati)
Ohio (Dayton)
Ohio (Buckeye United School District)


This program, through the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, seeks to promote success in school for youth involved in the juvenile justice system, decrease the likelihood of future involvement with the juvenile justice system, and improve stability in education and at home for youth transitioning out of the juvenile justice system.  TeamChild is a collaborative effort by Legal Aid and juvenile justice probation officers to identify youth facing barriers to education that can be reduced or eliminated through legal advocacy.  To increase referrals, Legal Aid attorneys provide

Transition Coordinators

Dayton City Schools provide a transition coordinator to develop transition plans for youth who are in detention. The transition coordinator works in collaboration with facility school staff and meets with students regularly during stay and after release.

Transition Teams

The Buckeye United School District serves youth detained in secure juvenile correction facilities in Ohio. According to researchers monitoring the district, each school “has a transition team that guides every student through an array of reentry skills, beginning at least six weeks before they return to their home communities. The team consists of the transition coordinator, the transition class teacher, the Career Based Instruction (CBI) teacher, and teachers to supervise online college classes or industry certification classes.

Ashland University Program

The Buckeye United School District serves youth detained in secure juvenile correction facilities in Ohio. The school district partners with Ashland University, a private local college, to offer online college courses to detained youth. The full freshman course load is regularly available; higher-level courses are provided as necessary. Youth sometimes travel off campus for visits to colleges and for community service projects.

O.N.E. Stop

 In partnership with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Department of Youth Services began O.N.E. – Stop Programs (Offender Network for Employment to Stop Recidivism), located inside of the facilities, to provide youth graduates with access to focused employment, training, and support services. Other additions have included gardening, mediation, mentoring, and leadership focused programs for youth who have already graduated from school.”

Department of Youth Services Apprenticeship Program

The Ohio Department of Youth Services offers apprenticeship opportunities, approved by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council, in culinary/cook, landscape management, maintenance repairer, recovery operator, and janitor. Youth who complete these apprenticeships receive an industry-recognized credential. DYS explains that the “[a]pprenticeships combine work-based learning with related classroom instruction using industry occupational standards.

Face Forward 2

Youth from the Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility completed an employment training course called Face Forward 2 through Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and Towards Employment. The youth spent 3 days a week immersed in employment information (interviewing, qualities employers seek, how to keep a job, creating a professional email account, keeping a job, and job advancement). All 4 youth were linked with an employer for beginning work upon release.

Career and Technical Education Programs

The Buckeye United School District serves youth detained in secure juvenile correction facilities in Ohio. Beyond providing the regular required credit-bearing coursework for their students, the district also offers on- and off-site career and technical education programs, creating new relationships with outside partners as needed to meet individual student interests. Some youth begin employment while incarcerated. As part of transition planning, school counselors help students find new placements so they can complete training upon return to the community.

Project Jericho

Project Jericho is a visual and performing arts initiative that provides services to at-risk and court involved youth in Clark County, Ohio. They offer programing to both youth and their families. They have a special program offered inside the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center. The project uses art as a means of reflection and to foster positive social interaction and cooperation.

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