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Promising Resources, Policies, and Practices

Goal 2: Adult Support


Goal 4: Full Opportunities in Community

Goal 10: Protect Especially Vulnerable Youth


Parent Council, Stadium View School

Stadium View School is a school in the Detention Center in Minneapolis which focuses its efforts on the educational success of students who are at the detention center for short stays. At the Stadium View School, staff begin immediately creating relationships and working on the transition process due to the short length of stay. Stadium View has an active parent council which hosts six formal parent meetings and six parent lobby visitation days.

Juvenile Justice Program for Parents, Pacer Center

The Pacer Center, which calls itself “Champions for Children with Disabilities,” assists Minnesota parents by helping them understand and advocate for their children with disabilities within the court system. They ensure that both the parents and the professionals involved are aware of the educational rights of each child. One of their goals is to increase family involvement within the juvenile justice system and to help families navigate the juvenile court system. 

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