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New Mexico

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New Mexico Statutes Establishing Point of Contact and Promoting Timely Graduation and Supports for Students Experiencing an Educational Disruption

School districts in New Mexico are required to designate a point of contact for students in foster care and students in the juvenile justcie system. The point of contact is responsibilities include facilitating the child's reentry to school, including timely transfer of academic credits.

FosterEd – New Mexico, National Center for Youth Law

FosterEd, an initiative of the National Center for Youth Law, has been working to close the achievement gap for students in foster care since 2005. It has project sites in Arizona, California, Indiana, and New Mexico. Independent evaluations of FosterEd’s work in Arizona and California indicate that FosterEd has helped students in foster care reach educational goals, such as improved attendance and higher grade point averages. In 2014, FosterEd began expanding the initiative to also serve youth in the juvenile justice system.

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