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Goal 2: Adult Support


Goal 5: Quality Education in Facilities


Goal 10: Protect Especially Vulnerable Youth


Reentry Programs for Students with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System: Four State Approaches

This policy brief discusses four state approaches to reentry programs for students with disabilities in the juvenile justice system. The publication provides an overview and background about reentry and explains federal supports to support successful reentry. The purpose of reentry programs and recommended reentry strategies are discussed. Case specific examples of reentry programs in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, and Oregon are highlighted.

Juvenile Court Education Advocacy Program

The Fulton County Juvenile Court works to reduce recidivism and increase academic success with their Education Advocacy Program. This program works to ensure that juvenile justice system involved students received special education services. Specifically, the program works to ensure the services provided for them in the IDEA. In this program students are given an educational advocate to represent them in all school related infractions and aims to prevent expulsion from the public school system.

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