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This program, through the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, seeks to promote success in school for youth involved in the juvenile justice system, decrease the likelihood of future involvement with the juvenile justice system, and improve stability in education and at home for youth transitioning out of the juvenile justice system.  TeamChild is a collaborative effort by Legal Aid and juvenile justice probation officers to identify youth facing barriers to education that can be reduced or eliminated through legal advocacy.  To increase referrals, Legal Aid attorneys provide trainings to probation officers on education law issues that are likely to arise for youth transitioning out of detention and back into schools.  Upon receiving referrals, attorneys meet with families to determine their priorities, investigate facts and legal issues, and create case strategies.  They then will provide legal advocacy and support, both in education law and in other areas relevant to child and family stability, including housing, public benefits, health, child custody, divorce, and employment.  A typical case remains open with TeamChild for 12-18 months, and attorneys will work with children and families for as long as necessary for the child to achieve stability in their school and in their community.