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Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) Juvenile Justice Advocates

The Youth Advocate Project (YAP) was originally founded to provide direct services to Pennsylvania youth returning from Camp Hill Prison. Today YAP serves more than 10,000 families a year in over 17 states. To do this YAP provides families with intensive wraparound services in their homes, schools, and communities. Youth are provided with structure, supervision and support from advocates. These advocates work with the youth to create weekly schedules that will help the youth meet their goals. Advocates work up to 30 hours a week including evenings and weekends. There are also advocates who provide 24/7 crisis intervention services. In addition to working with youth, advocates may be assigned to assist parents and caregivers better care for their children by helping them address their service needs. Through this advocacy, YAP creates family teams that support the family and youth.