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State Correctional Education Self-Assessment, Center for Parent Information and Resources

The State Correctional Education Self-Assessment (SCES) provides states with a tool for self-assessing their existing special education and related services provided to youth with disabilities in juvenile detention facilities. This assessment includes a series of questions that states can answer in evaluating the status of correctional education, with emphasis on adherence to IDEA requirements. The SCES also helps states develop and track necessary next steps for improving and expanding their educational programs.

The SCES emphasizes three main areas: first, it looks at a state’s requirements for collaboration between state educational agencies and other public agencies that play a role in providing special education and related services for youth with disabilities in juvenile detention facilities. Second, it allows states to track their progress in addressing the responsibilities of both the state and state educational agencies to provide educational services to students with disabilities in detention facilities. Finally, the third area emphasizes IDEA requirements and provides a mechanism to track and evaluate adherence to IDEA requirements by local education agencies, correctional facilities, and other public agencies responsible for the education of students with disabilities in correctional facilities.