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Reentry Education Framework: Guidelines for Providing High-Quality Education for Adults Involved in the Criminal Justice System, U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE)

RTI International, funded by OCTAE through an initiative called Promoting Reentry Success Through the Continuity of Education Opportunities (PRSCEO), developed a Reentry Education Framework and corresponding Reentry Education Tool Kit. RTI International explains that the Framework presents “an approach for reentry education providers to develop an education continuum that strengthens their services and bridges the gap between facility- and community-based programs.” The Framework “is based on the Reentry Education Model and lessons learned from the PRSCEO demonstration sites,” and illustrates “the five critical components of an effective reentry system: program infrastructure, strategic partnerships, education services, transition processes, and sustainability.”

One approach the Tool Kit advances for promoting reentry is “a career pathways approach” that “ensures that participants receive the training they need to prepare them for further education and securing long-term employment with a living wage.”  The reentry education continuum helps students “gain employability skills, develop[] recruitment and retention strategies, and us[e] advanced technologies to enhance instruction and build students’ digital literacy skills.”