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Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

As an on-site education program, Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center offers classroom instruction aimed towards a high school diploma, GED preparation, business management, vocational programs, and transition activities. Eligible students are also able to participate in post-secondary education programs. Each student is designed a specific education plan during initial assessment within 30 days of commitment. Education is provided at Zebulon Pike year round. Zebulon Pike focuses on a gradual return to the community by introducing youth to pro-social activities. These pro-social activities include social gatherings, community support groups, partnerships with community businesses and step down programs.

In Colorado, all juveniles in Division of Youth Corrections Education Services custody receive technology skills that are necessary to succeed during transitions into educational opportunities and the workforce. Juveniles are allowed to use computers for onsite vocational programs. Additionally, with the approval of the Director of Educational Services and supervision, a youth may access email.