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Washington’s Education Advocate Program Manual, Olympic Educational Service District 114 Student Services Center and Maike & Associates

Transition specialists are responsible for managing transition services at the 22 facility schools across the state. The range of services include brief check in with the school or work placement to ensure the student attended, meeting with the youth and his family member to develop a transition plan, and arranging a meeting with the school or community placement to assist the youth in transition. The Education Advocates program only serves youth with the greatest need and who are the most amenable to services. The program first makes contact with the youth and his/her parents within the first week of the youth’s release date. Once contact has been made, the Education Advocate conducts a needs assessment and intake to develop a comprehensive plan focusing on the youth’s needs ad strengths. Education advocates then work with the youth to determine and prioritize which services and support is needed. Finally, youth are linked to services and supportive resources. The program recommends that Education Advocates attempt to engage the parents or a significant adult at least three times.