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Transforming Juveniles Through Successful Transition (TJST), Maricopa County Education Service Agency

The TJST program is a collaborative effort between the Maricopa County Education Service Agency, Juvenile Probation Department, Adult Probation Department, Sherriff’s Office, Regional School District, and the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. The program aims to increase the number of juveniles who are successfully reintegrated into the community through coordinated transition support which will ultimately reduce recidivism and costs to the adult and juvenile detention and jail facilities. TJST employs transition facilitators, who are caring adults who mentor and work with the youth and their family to carry out the goals of the TJST program. The facilitators are trained to identify signs of criminogenic risk, needs and strengths and work directly with providers to deliver the most appropriate intervention to the youth. Case plans are designed to address the strength and needs of each youth and must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. In addition, the transition facilitators are engaging and strengthening families by utilizing motivational interviewing and positive reinforcement.