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Project Re-entry Intervention & Support for Engagement (RISE)

Project RISE implements re-entry practices for youth with disabilities residing in the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, including intensive educational and vocational programming that follows Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) goals; development of a Transition Portfolio for all youth with disabilities, and individualized aftercare and community supports after release. The program, run by Arizona State University, helps to build a robust portfolio for each student identifying strengths, personal attributes, family involvement, and community supports utilized and available. Project RISE also ensures seamless transfers of records and services as youth return back to their home schools and to increase communication between service providers inside and outside of detention. 

Project RISE is funded by a four-year grant that ends on December 31, 2016. Arizona State University is collecting data on specific youth and program outcomes, which will be available upon project completion.