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Nashua Youth Re-entry Project (NYRP)

The Nashua Youth Re-entry Project is a program in Nashua, New Hampshire that provides an Education and Transition specialist to juvenile justice involved youth. The transition specialist provides legal services, education programming, career mentoring, and transition planning. Additionally, the specialist coordinates with family and helps create a wrap-around team emphasizing the active participation of the student in creating their own “Self-Directed Future Plan.” This wrap-around team involves family members, the probation or parole officer, the special educator, a career mentor, a case manager for mental health, and the student. The team meets quarterly and the specialist maintains close contact with the youth, family, and providers. The youth will create a plan with long-term goals and short-term objectives. Examples of the practical assistance the specialist provides is accompanying the family to a school meeting, providing information regarding resources available to the family/student, and accompanying the family to apply for services and resources.


Nashua County