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Juvenile Detention Education Standards, Arizona Revised Statute §15-913

The goal of juvenile detention education in Arizona is to provide an education program for all school-age youth detained in the respective county juvenile detention facilities that is compatible with public school education goals and requirements, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §15-913. The statute assigns responsibility for juvenile detention education to the county, and stipulates that the County School Superintendent and the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge shall agree on the method of delivery of the education program in the juvenile detention facilities. The Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) acts on behalf of these parties to provide multi-jurisdictional administrative and fiscal coordination, and oversight, supported by a formal Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to define each party’s responsibility in developing detention education programs and using funds appropriately. This coordinated statewide approach serves to ensure a consistent quality educational experience throughout the state as well as increased funding for all programs via a consolidated application process to garner the benefits of an economy of scale for detention education programs, thus benefiting all detained youth.