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Integrating Post-Secondary Options, Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings Youth Study Center School

CEEAS opened a new school in the New Orleans YSC facility in 2016. They have previously worked on nationwide curricular programs for schools in juvenile justice facilities, and fought to ensure youth in detention are eligible for Pell Grants to receive higher education.

The school’s model is based off of a positive school climate, a relevant project and thematic based curriculum, technology and blended learning, school activities outside the traditional classroom and hours, and family and community engagement. Included in this school's positive, student-centered curriculum will be "Post-Secondary Options for Credentialed Students." Students who have completed their high school high school diploma or their HiSET will be able to take college and post-secondary courses. Building on their current practice of supporting schools in juvenile justice facilities offering courses online, they will support students taking online courts through various providers. YSC may also begin programs with local colleges.



New Orleans