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Arizona Detention Transition Project (ADTP)

ADTP was a 4-year model demonstration project to assure the seamless transfer of youth with disabilities and their education records across public schools, detention centers, community and employment agencies, and corrections. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, ADTP funded a transition specialist at each of the two Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Centers to implement the following promising transition practices: (1) development of individualized transition plans for all youth with disabilities; (2) development of transition portfolios for all youth with disabilities; (3) establishment of a seamless and immediate transfer of educational records across sending and receiving agencies; (4) increased interagency linkages and communication; and (5) establishment of a youth tracking system to monitor the engagement and recidivism of all youth with disabilities upon release from detention.

Although the grant for ADTP ended in 2006, Arizona agencies implemented the same transition practices in the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections in subsequent model demonstration project: Project RISE.



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